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Buying PerimeterĀ®Ā is risk-free. We understand thatĀ mishapsĀ happen, and we are eager to make it right. Here is the deal: let us know within 30 days of receivingĀ to claim your refund. Just kindly write to us atĀ

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PerimeterĀ®-named nitrile gloves bear CE marking, meet EU Type-Examination standards. They are testedĀ under EN ISO 374-1 for resilience against a range of harsh chemicals, and EN ISO 374-5 for protection against micro-organisms. We also submit our samples regularly to ourĀ ISO/IEC 17025 accreditedĀ lab partner to monitor quality variations from batch to batch such that our claims stay true.

PerimeterĀ® Nitrile Gloves are responsibly made in Thailand.

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